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Cfmoto reviews

cfmoto reviews

The world is getting smaller. When it comes to UTVs in particular, America, Japan, Canada and Asia are merging into one conglomerate of shared sources and mixed parts. Those days are long gone. The UForce compares well to anything from anywhere. The company is just getting started in the U. CFMoto is in an early stage of growth here in the U. If you hang on every word in Dirt Wheels, you might remember coverage from previous issues.

The company has renamed its various models in hopes of offering a clear-cut identity for each one. The Z6 is now called the ZForce The subject of this test was called the Tracker in earlier references. The is entirely new, sharing virtually no parts with other side-by-side models in the line. It has an cc V-twin that looks very Rotax-like. We would, in fact, go so far as to say that CFMoto took a good, long, hard look at the degree V-twin that powers most of the Can-Am line before starting this project.

The top-end parts look strikingly similar. Clearly the CFMoto project took on a life of its own at some point in the development process, and everything below the base gaskets is obviously different.

The drivetrain has a belt-and-pulley, continuously variable transmission with high, low, reverse and park. You can switch to four-wheel drive on the fly with the push of a button.

You can also lock the front differential with a Yamaha-like switch on the dash. A new UTV chassis was built around that motor and is unlike anything the company previously produced. It uses double A-arm suspension all the way around with 9 inches of travel. The vehicle looks big, but has a smaller footprint than most UTVs. The width is just a tick over 56 inches. It comes built up with accessories and features that usually cost extra.

The UForce already has most of the good stuff. The finish, in particular, is like a limited-edition flagship. It has automotive-style paint and a nice interior with high-back bucket seats. Latching doors are standard equipment, and all the controls and grips have nicely contoured surfaces. Still, the UForce has all the right credentials to be a workhorse.


The bed is large and easily dumped. It has a receiver for a trailer hitch. There are drains on the floor so you can hose out the interior. We were stunned by the instant throttle response of the When you push the pedal, it moves out—right now.

In the past, we complained about the sloppy clutch engagement and weak power output of the The is very different from the sport model we tested in July. In this case, the clutch engagement is crisp, and the big V-twin motor is a brute and easily in the same league as the Kawasaki Teryx and Polaris After the initial hit, the power builds at a steady rate, eventually topping out around 60 mph.

Power and low-end torque are excellent. The suspension is also very stiff, especially without a passenger and when unladen with cargo. It is, however, very adept at rock crawling.The big-bore ATV market is a competitive one, with a lot of different machines that try to carve out a niche to call its own.

They have done an outstanding job with having a strong presence in the Canadian market and have some outstanding programs and dealerships across the country. The CForce is no exception. This is a powerful and fun machine to ride with a lot of accessories included that would cost a ton more on other machines. The CFMoto CForce has an cc, liquid-cooled, eight-valve, V-twin four stroke powerplant that produces a very respectable While that might not be as high as some of the competition who have slightly higher displacement engines, the CForce honestly has plenty of power at your disposal.

We repeatedly ran ours through thick mud, up steep hills, and blasted it down open trails. It held its own just fine. You really have to love a V-twin, too. They have a certain feel to them.

It is kind of hard to describe in words, though. The motor has a different tone than a single-cylinder motor or a parallel twin. We have found that V-twins make their torque slightly different too. That means you have the power to conquer steep hills, deep mud holes, or tasks around the farm. The engine also has full engine braking, which makes it easier to crawl down those steep hills in low range. Speaking of the transmission, that is only part of what makes the CForce a great trail machine.

These 6-ply tires are great all-around trail rubber that hook up and haul in a wide range of terrain. Like we said, we climbed some steep hills and did a lot of playing in the mud. For stock tires, these worked really well and proved that CFMoto pays attention to the details that their consumers do.

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We want good tires on our machines! Helping even more with the hooking up department is the electronic locking differential. You can cruise along in two-wheel drive, instantly switch into four-wheel drive when things get a little sketchy, and drop in the dif-lock when traction becomes paramount. We found the engagement of the dif-lock to be smooth and easy, something not every manufacturer has figured out yet. The suspension system also plays a roll with how well the CForce hooks up. There are dual A-arms front and rear for fully independent suspension action.

The gas shocks found at each corner have rebound and compression adjustment. Up front there is 7-inches of travel and there is 8. Not that we ever rode aggressively… Yeah, I was laughing as I wrote that.The ceaseless efforts of their marketing team and their attendance at all motorized events yield positive effects. Their challenge is to provide riding access to more people with the right vehicle in their range.

cfmoto reviews

The obvious step is to dispel some reluctance to a little-known brand on the off-road vehicles market. This constant struggle has a very positive impact on sales, and we are witnessing an increased influence of the manufacturer with the emblem that resembles a flag in the wind belted with a graceful silhouette.

The additional HP are immediately felt from the thrust of the accelerator. The power delivery is such that we were surprised by the dynamism of this vehicle. This ability, that forced us to firmly grip the XC handlebars, is no stranger to its combination with a CVtech dry clutch. We have already discussed the different characteristics of these two types of clutches Quadnet.

In summary, while these two types of clutches have their good and bad sides and their own efficiency, the dry clutch offers a more vigorous and a more immediate response than the wet clutch. A dry clutch results is a vehicle that better responds to the rider. However, this winning combination requires a throttle dosage from the pilot on some occasions, otherwise a possible rear axle sideslip will be noticeable.

In this case, they did not skimp on the means to create a functional chassis that has the capacity to receive the abuse usually reserved for our recreational activity. The looks have been completely revised and it is undoubtedly very successful and attractive. The dimensions are very impressive and make this vehicle a heavyweight in its category.

The front grille complemented by the chrome bumper and LED headlights is possibly one of the most successful arrangements on the market. The black and orange durable automotive type bodywork paint is sharp looking. The salient curves and small details make this ATV a very appealing vehicle to look at.

USB and 12V moisture-proof accessories plugs have been installed to accommodate those who need to power auxiliary equipment. Also note the brand-new handguards that fit perfectly the overall design of the vehicle. The latter offer adequate protection against the cold weather and other elements that could end up against your passage. The robust and functional design ensures long-term durability. The controls arrangement on the handlebars is very well organized and al controls are easily accessible.

The turn signal selection unique in the industry is easily done with the left thumb. In fact, all controls are located on the left including the horn switch, hazard warning, start, engine stop, lighting selection and winch control. On the right side, there is of course the throttle control and the traction mode selection 2wd, 4wd, electric differential lock. There is something new that has surprised us by its ingenuity: the parking brake may seem difficult to operate, but when engaged its efficiency is second to none.

When it is engaged, the lever is directly in front of the throttle control. Therefore, it is an obstacle to the actuation of the accelerator and it is impossible to forget it is in use.

The LCD display screen provides all necessary functions for proper operation: time, fuel level, speed ratio, trip meter, odometer, voltage, as well as the selection of the traction mode.

We would like to warn you regarding the display of the traction mode. It requires a learning curve to understand its meaning. It differs from the previous version, and we were a bit confused during our first use.We have been a media partner with them for a while now and enjoy working closely with the company.

2019 CFMOTO Cforce 800 XC Long Term Review : Part One

You may ask why we would start out a review like this. Well, we want you to know that we are being completely honest and serious when we talk about liking the machine. One of our favorite classes for UTVs is the inch class.

That width works very well for trail riding on a broad range of terrain types with the agility for tighter trails and the stability for faster driving and more open areas. Most of the players in the category offer a class engine size, too. There is really a fine line between the right amount of power and too much power.

Forthey also added a Bosch electronic fuel injection system and ignition. This helps create a stable and powerful motor combination that has really strong reliability and performance. Horsepower is right in the hunt with the class, at 80hp. CFMOTO has been hard at work to add in more reliability to their machines, that were already reliable to begin with.

The sport is growing, but there are certain brands that have been having issues with reliability and recalls. To be a valuable machine, it has to run when you want it to. Again, new for is an all-new heavy-duty rear differential that adds to the overall reliability of the machine. Having a weak rear dif can lead to a trailside mechanical failure when you have a torquey motor that makes you want to drive aggressively. Plus, if you want to modify the machine down the road, or add bigger tires, etc.

It actually comes in a little less, at It is inches, or 2,mm long and has an Steering is light and predictable with the proper amount of power steering assist. Some might find it a little light, but it works very well. There is mm of ground clearance to clear most obstacles along the way. CFMOTO adds steel skid plates to the machine in case you run out of room while driving over rocks, trees and other fun stuff. It rolls on inch Bighorn tires that have a 6-ply rating, good enough for most conditions.

The tires are wrapped around inch aluminum alloy rims that look sharp, save weight and are strong and durable. You can haul kg in the cargo bed, too, and there are side rails which work great for tying down the load. It is an appreciated feature that not ever manufacturer adds.

After wheels and tires, it is usually the next area that gets modified by owners. The CFMOTO has dual wishbone setups front and back with gas-charged shocks that have independent rebound and compression adjustments.

The front has mm of travel and the rear has mm. The ride is smooth and quite predictable, letting you set the system up to meet your riding style and conditions. We hammered the machine through a wide range of conditions including rocks and rutted woods riding and the ride quality was very good. The seating position is good and lets you drive all day without extra fatigue.Years in Business: Reasons for BBB Rating. Average of 4 Customer Reviews.

View Complaints Summary. Need to file a complaint? BBB is here to help. What do you think? Share your review. James B.

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I purchased a UForce It went in to th shop with miles on it. After six weeks and about a dozen calls to CFMoto. The shop finally said its ready for pick up. However there is still a metal on metal sound. They said CFmoto and they could not find the issue and there was nothing more they can do. I called CFmoto and the customer service stated that is just gonna be apart of the machine and nothing is wrong. I explained to her that machine doesn't just develop grinding sounds and something was wrong.

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I then explained if it has that sound, I cant trade it in, I cant sell it and a sure dont trust using it. She told me there was nothing to do. That the machine developed the noise. I asked for refund, exchange of the same brand in order to give them the benefit that it was a bad part and I requested to take to a new shop.

All of which I was told cfmoto cant do anything. I requested a supervisor to get on the phone. She repeatedly told me they had none. She then eventually sent me to someone's voicemail who will not return my call. IF cfmoto machine are gonna develop grinding noisethen they should note that.

If not then I have an issue and I want it fixed. I have asked and begged to fix this. CFMOTO cant expect others to stand by their products when they won't stand by the customer or the product.

Read More. BBB Business Profiles may not be reproduced for sales or promotional purposes. BBB Business Profiles are provided solely to assist you in exercising your own best judgment.Once in a blue moon the ATVing industry throws us a curveball. The market is filled with reliable high-performancemachines and dependable workhorses so, why change anything right?

The domestic American manufacturers own the big bore performance segment and the Japanese,own the small bore to mid size single cylinder market. While being an cc V-Twin, it had a few flaws that, again, were taken care of. Most of the little bugs were ironed out and on the mechanical side, the units were pretty good. My only gripe with them was the looks.

My first contact was at the annual dealer convention last summer and … my jaw dropped! No, I really mean it, my jaw was ajar and I probably looked like my brain justfroze up when I saw it up close and personal. Aside from the looks which we were quite familiar with from the European leaks, I actually crawled under totake a look at what was under the gorgeous body. This ATV is the real deal. This is a Chinese ATV????

2019 CFMOTO ZFORCE 1000 EPS LX Review

You know? Carl knows we are not going to baby it and is fine with that. Our tester is black and it is gorgeous! They finally nailed it! The flowing lines, that grille and those headlights! So beautiful and tastefully done. Even the rear end looks great with the LED lights and larger storage compartment. The luggage racks are made of injected plasticwith a steel chassis and complement the aesthetics quite nicely.

And it goes on and on… The seats and ergonomics are the best part. Much better comfort for the rider and passenger.

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The multi-position handholds are perfect and better placed for the passenger when the going gets rough. Subtle touches like a dual USB power outlet, the lockable transmission, stock dual mirrors that you can actually see what going on behind with and the pre-wired trailer harness make the already long feature list even better.

cfmoto reviews

Trust me on this, you have to see one in person because the pictures do not tell all. Motor: All new! The primary centrifugal clutch is finally gone! Dry clutch baby! I love it! All the power is directly fed to the CVT and back out to the transmission.

Instead of the old all in one design of the previous model which felt like it robbed a few ponies. Gone is the top end happy mill that lacked a little torque lower in the revrange.

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This new engine has a lot of grunt off idle and through the mid-range but is less nervous near redline. I find this engine better suited for a big two up machine. The vibrations are damped better and make it feel more sophisticated than the previous model. Better and better!

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Better engine configuration, better tune and better CVT Drive with a smoother shifting transmission.Z8rider Location: MN. Your right, because I don't have actual experience with these I withdraw my post and comments. Without actually owning one I wouldn't be qualified to comment on one.

It may well be everything one would want or need. NL Location: Mt. Pearl, Newfoundland, Canada. NMK is correct. I had a Cforce and i was not really impressed with it for ride and power and handling. I upgraded to a Cforce and what a difference.

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The rides better, more power and handles allot better. My wife drove the once and wouldn't drive it again. Now that I have the she wants to drive it all the time, she loves it.

With my experience with the and I highly recommend the It's very well worth the difference. My is a and i have miles on. I love the and will go with one again. I know other people with the and they like it. Skogsvarelse Location: Sweden.

I have a s they called in sweden The problems i had taht are tha machines faoult is the cam shain tensioner gave upp once covered by warrianty and some bad brake lines. Then i caused the ball joints in the front to go bad but thats more related to me driving in realy rock terrian. And thr rear wheele bearings. The engine runs ood after almoust km and around h and i givi it full trotle when i want. I removed the shifter lockout and it improves shifting a loot. The crank case went problem does not apply on 17 machines in sweden.

I have changed my front shocks to bronco shocks and it improves the machine will cgange the rear some thime to. I think its a good machine for the price sure not as comfortable as other more expe sive atv's but ok for the price. I would recomend it for your use.

Richl 6 Location: Tacoma, WA. I purchased a CF s about 3 weeks ago and have put miles on it so far. I traded a Kymco Maxxer for it, it was great machine and never had any problems but it was 7 years old. My impressions so far on the s is that the fit and finish is top notch, all of the welds look good and solid.

The motor is just a tad sluggish for a cc engine in my opinion as compared to the former i Kymco and I also have a Polaris Sportsman.


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